Mental Health Media- Atypical

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Mental Health Media- Atypical

This series is for the PSA to share some of our favourite media that covers various topics in mental health and psychology.

Today’s Mental Health Media submission comes from Sarah, our Executive Administrator!

“This series follows Sam, who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and his life as he navigates friendships, relationships, family dynamics, school and work. As someone who has grown up around an individual with autism (my twin brother has been diagnosed with it since we were very young), I find that this series does an amazing job at showing how things really are. Many shows and movies depict people with ASD as being savants, which isn’t the case for the majority. They show Sam as one of the higher functioning on the spectrum while not overselling it. It also does an amazing job at showing the stress that this can cause on a family and how it changes things for parents and siblings.”

🚨 Content warning- martial cheating/dishonesty

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