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Official Newsletter of the University of Regina Psychology Students Association

We’re always looking for student contributions! Writing, opinions, art, anything at all! Submit your work to internal@ureginapsa.org to have your work featured.

The PSA released a newsletter to all Psychology students twice a semester. These newsletters feature information on our upcoming events, writing by students, interviews with people who have graduated from the Psychology Program at the University of Regina, and more!

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Click here to viewApril 2023
Click here to viewDecember 2022
Click here to viewApril 2022
Click here to viewDecember 2021
Click here to viewMarch 2021
Click here to viewFebruary 2021
Click here to viewDecember 2020
Click here to viewSeptember 2020
Click here to viewFebruary 2020
Click here to viewNovember 2019
Click here to viewOctober 2019
All newsletters are in .PDF format.