Welcome to the 2022-2023 Board!

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2022-2023 PSA Board

The PSA is compromised of 15 elected student officers and the chairs for our committees: outreach, communications, and our peer program.

Elections for the board occur in March of each academic year. Any general member of the Psychology Students’ Association is eligible to run for a position, and vote in the election.

Photo of Andreea Ababei
Andreea Ababei Outreach Coordinator
Photo of Cassandra Byblow
Cassandra Byblow Vice President
Photo of Kelsy Dabek
Kelsy Dabek Executive Administrator
Photo of Darby Graham-Rowe
Darby Graham-Rowe Academic Coordinator
Photo of Shawny Groff
Shawny Groff Peer Coordinator
Photo of Sarah Gulash
Sarah Gulash Director of Communications
Photo of Kayla Kirby
Kayla Kirby Director of Outreach
Photo of Lee Lim
Lee Lim Communications Coordinator
Photo of Wynonna Mroczka
Wynonna Mroczka Junior Representative
Photo of Safa Nadeem
Safa Nadeem Outreach Coordinator
Photo of Sarah Nakonechny
Sarah Nakonechny President
Photo of Holden Norrie
Holden Norrie Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Wendy Nuell
Wendy Nuell Communications Coordinator
Photo of Tilar Steinke
Tilar Steinke Communications Coordinator
Photo of Venezya Thorsteinson
Venezya Thorsteinson Junior Representative