Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

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The PSA Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program will soon be accepting applications for the Winter 2024 semester! 

If you are a new psychology student who is looking for guidance, an upper-years psychology student looking to help and guide others, or a psychology student looking to connect with new people, then this program has a place for you. The Winter 2024 program will pair one mentor with one mentee for the duration of the Winter semester, allowing for a supportive one-on-one relationship to be cultivated. The PSA will host exclusive Peer-to-Peer activities throughout the semester to bring together everyone in the program, including a brunch with Psychology professors, a workshop or training event, and a service-focused event in the community.

Before registering, consider if you’d like to participate as a mentee or a mentor. Although every individual is different, and every mentor-mentee pair will be unique, there are general themes to consider regarding the roles:

As a mentee, you will drive the relationship forward by communicating with your mentor about the skills, knowledge, and goals you’d like to achieve. You can participate in planning meetings and activities with your mentor, seeking resources, bringing up ideas, and providing feedback. An engaged mentee can take advantage of the opportunity to learn by working together with their mentor and looking for ways to create a mutually beneficial relationship by giving back through sharing information, ideas, and time together. 

As a mentor, you will provide the guidance and support to your mentee that fits their individual wants and needs. You might share from your own experiences, give advice, share ideas and information, provide feedback, actively listen, act as a sounding board, or provide personal support if appropriate. You might discuss school and career choices, share opportunities, identify resources, advocate for your mentee, or expand your mentee’s network of contacts.

Regardless of whether you participate as a mentee or mentor, all participants will be responsible for contributing to the relationship with respect. Each mentor-mentee pair will decide for themselves the particulars of their relationship, including how often and where they meet, what they discuss and share, how formal or casual their relationship is, and what boundaries feel appropriate. The relationship you create will be a product of the time and effort you both collaboratively invest in it.

Important Orientation Details:
Orientation Details will be provided soon when registration opens for 2024! Please check back soon 🙂

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If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Venezya (Director of Outreach) at