Participant Pool

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Are you enrolled in 100 or 200 level Psychology classes? Earn up to an extra 3% in each class, and help researchers by signing up for the University of Regina Participant Pool! Located here, once you’ve properly enroled in a class that is eligible, you can request an account with your U of R email and you will be granted an account.

University of Regina Participant Pool website

Once logged in, you can see a dashboard explaining various limits and controlling various settings. In the bar at the top, you can find studies. Some studies are online, and some will be in-person, depending on the research being conducted. Studies can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours. Participating in research is a great way to get experience with how different kinds of psychological research is conducted, and you also get to help students in psychology conducting research!

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You can only participate in a study once, as the research validity itself becomes affected by repeat participants.
  • There is an option to earn 3% in an alternative way. There is often a limitation as to when the cut off for the alternative option is (usually about two weeks into the semester!), so contact the Participant Pool co-ordinator sooner rather than later!
  • Check back often! Slots for participants in studies often open up with cancellations and these things are not announced.