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The Psychology Students Association, unfortunately, does not have a physical campus/office space big enough to support our fellow students. To ensure that all psychology students have a place to connect with one another, we frequently meet virtually in what we call our “lounge” – a (virtual) place where students taking psychology classes or who are interested in what we’re up to at the University of Regina could drop by and chat with us or amongst themselves.

If you have questions about classes, about the psychology program, about the Honours program or graduate school? This is the place. Ideas about events or community work? Curious about mental health initiatives at the University? Still the place. If you’re just looking to meet new people, collaborate with others or just lurk and soak up as much information as possible, join us!

Further, we rely on the PSA’s Slack channel to stay up to date with what’s happening on campus and with each other – if you are registered in 3 credits (aka one psychology class), you’re welcome to join! Just email us at hello@ureginapsa.org and ask to be added to the Slack, and we’ll send you an invite! We look forward to meeting you!

Join The Psych Lounge!

^ Click Colin’s Super Duper Easy Link to Automagically join the PSA Lounge ^

NOTE: If you cannot get in to the lounge, please ensure that you are signed in to your account on zoom.us before clicking.

There are no upcoming events at this time.