Local Services

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Services for mental health related assistance, training, or organizations organized by student-specific, local-specific and then national access. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, please contact the Mobile Crisis 24 hour line: 306-757-0127

University of Regina

  • University of Regina Mental Wellness Hub – The Mental Wellness Hub was launched in September 2020 and provides a complete list of services, supports and resources for you and for anyone else you know. An easy to use approach lets you identify what context the information you’d looking for is in, and provides guidance and options.
  • UniWellbeing for Post Secondary Students – Educational course you can begin at any time developed by the Online Therapy Unit at the University of Regina to learn skills to manage anxiety and depression.
  • Student Counselling – Student services have changed their workflow, so if you were experiencing scheduling issues before, that should be resolved! Use their contact form to contact them for an appointment.
  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Response – The University of Regina Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (SVPR) coordinator can assist either survivors or their supports in person, or by telephone or e-mail. 

Regina, Saskatchewan

Support Services

  • Suicide Crisis Hotline – Available 24 hours a day at 306-525-5333 – If you or someone you know is contemplating thoughts of suicide, this service connects you with resources.
  • Regina Sexual Assault Centre – 306-522-2777 for an appointment or contact 306-352-0434 for the 24 hour crisis line 
  • Family Services Regina – 306-757-6675 – Individual, couple and family counselling. Charges on sliding scale and EAP. 
  • Mobile Crisis – Available 24 hours a day at 306-757-0127 – Many services and programs available including mental health services, child protection services, emergency financial assistance, gambling, addition, farm support services, seniors abuse or neglect, and domestic violence.
  • Regina Qu’appelle Health Region Mental Health Clinic – The process of getting a therapist to see can take time, but they do offer drop-in mental health clinics while you get added to the system for counselling. Contact for details.
  • Addiction Services – 306-766-6616 – Many programs and services for those who are experiencing dependance on substances or gambling.
  • Planned Parenthood Regina – 306-522-0902 – Offers many services including referral to other community agencies
  • Monarch Mental Health – Available to the community at large. Provides clinical counselling to gender and sexually diverse children, youth and adults, as well as their families and loved ones.

Training Opportunities

As a student in psychology, you may want to find trainings or educational opportunities outside of University that can increase your awareness or skills. Here are some options in Regina.