Mental Health Media- The Self Love Fix Podcast

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Mental Health Media- The Self Love Fix Podcast

This series is for the PSA to share some of our favourite media that covers various topics in mental health and psychology.

Our first submission comes from Denae, a member of our 2020-2021 Communications team!

“The Self Love Fix is a podcast narrated by Beatrice Kamau, who is an inner child healing coach. She helps to unpack different things you may have experienced in childhood and offers advice to begin healing those wounds. Despite this, her podcast is pretty lighthearted and enjoyable to listen to. I think people could benefit from listening because it is very informative, yet easy to understand – it feels like you are having a conversation with a friend! Overall, I really like this podcast because it helped me with my self-awareness. Kamau helped me to navigate some of my emotions, while also validating my feelings at the same time.”

🚨Content warning – childhood trauma(s)



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