The Communications Committee

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What does Communications *do*?

The Psychology Students’ Association comms team works together to tell the campus community what events, programs, and resources are available for students.

The comms team is headed up by the director, who knows the values, vision, and overall approach of how we develop our messaging to others. This includes things as conceptual as theories and best practices founded in the Canadian Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics and as concrete as what colours our logos and text uses. The director helps the team develop educational social media campaigns, keeps track of what programs and events need to be advertise when, and flows work to other team members. They are also in charge of helping develop the team’s skills.

Our communications committee members work with the comms team to learn how to manage website content, write for an audience, edit other people’s work, and design images or informational campaigns (check out our #psychedmedia on Instagram!).

In addition to the director, the PSA also has two coordinators who write, design, and oversee the creation of content for our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our website, and our newsletters.

These skills are excellent to have on your CV or resume, and allow you to think in new ways about how to connect with others. If you’re interested in gaining experience with the communications team, please fill out the following form. When submitted, the communications team will get back to you within 7 days to see what you can bring to the team!

Okay, I’m in. How do I join the Comms Committee?

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