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While the Psychology Students Association (PSA) is, as indicated by the name, meant to aid psychology students, we also have services to benefit the professors who teach their courses. In the Fall 2020 semester we’re planning on continuing the study sessions we began over the Spring/Summer semester in a drop-in format online to students in a variety of courses. These sessions are led by two to three members of the PSA who’ve taken the class before, and who work in communication with the prof to ensure the curriculum is being followed properly. Through this program we hope to lighten the burden placed on both students and faculty during remote learning, and to deepen our relationship with the faculty as well. We will also be offering a peer mentoring program where first and second year students can be paired with a third or fourth year student, which could be helpful for many of the students in your classes who are just getting into the swing of post-secondary while having to adapt to remote learning.

The PSA is planning on hosting several events over the next year featuring professors and their research. The benefits to students are that they’ll get a deeper understanding of what research involves, they’ll be able to make connections with professors and pursue their interests earlier in their degree, and they’ll get a chance to see what they’ve learned be put in practice. The benefit to professors is that they’ll have the opportunity to meet students who are specifically interested in their specialties, they’ll get a captive audience to present their passions to, and they’ll be able to have meaningful interactions with students which is made difficult through remote learning.

Finally, on the PSA website you can find an assortment of mental health resources that can be accessed by both students and faculty. We are genuinely invested in the well-being of our community, and that includes the professors teaching our classes. We value and respect you, and we’re looking forward to developing our relationship with all of you.

Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

Beginning this Fall, the PSA is launching a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program where new psychology students have the opportunity to partner with senior psychology students. Being new to a program can be both exciting and overwhelming; however, with the right social support, such as a mentor, the experience can be even more enriching. Not only do the mentees benefit from the program, but mentors will also have the opportunity to grow and learn from their mentee. 

The Psych Lounge 

The Psych Lounge is a virtual space that will be open to all students who are wanting to take part in the various events being offered throughout the Fall. From study sessions to trivia nights, the Psych Lounge is the place where students can find companionship during these isolating times. We are further inclined to use the Psych Lounge to host meet and greets with psychology professors and researchers where they can share their research and experience in the field of psychology.