Psychology Classes

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M W F – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

TR – Tuesday, Thursday

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Winter Semester 2021 (January 11th – April 30th)

101Introductory Psychology: Social, Developmental and Clinical FocusTR: 11:30-12:45April 20th: 2-5Ian MacAusland-Berg
101Introductory Psychology: Social, Developmental and Clinical FocusMWF: 11:30-12:20April 26th: 9-12Susan Weir
101Introductory Psychology: Social, Developmental and Clinical FocusM: 7:00-9:45April 26th: 7-10Sarah Sangster
102Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive FocusW: 4:00-6:45April 21st: 2-5TBD
102Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive FocusMW: 10:00-11:15April 21st: 9-12TBD
102Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive FocusTR: 10:00-11:15April 22nd: 9-12TBD
102Introductory Psychology: Biological and Cognitive FocusWEBApril 17th: 2-5Jill Price
204Research MethodsMWF: 2:30-3:20April 26th: 2-5Denee Buchko
204Research MethodsW: 7:00-9:45April 28th: 7-10Sarah Sangster
210Developmental PsychologyTR: 1:00-2:15April 29th: 2-5Vanessa Peynenburg
210Developmental PsychologyMWF: 9:30-10:20April 21st: 9-12Susan Weir
210Developmental PsychologyTR: 11:30-12:45April 20th: 2-5Katherine Robinson
220Social PsychologyTR: 2:30-3:45April 27th: 2-5Susan Weir
220Social PsychologyTR: 11:30-12:45April 20th: 2-5Sarah Sangster
220Social PsychologyMWF: 11:30-12:20April 26th: 9-12Alexis Zederayko
230Personality PsychologyWEBApril 29th: 7-10Michelle McCarron
230Personality PsychologyWEBApril 16th: 9-12Michelle McCarron
230Personality PsychologyTR: 10:00-11:15April 22nd: 9-12Ian MacAusland-Berg
255Biological Foundations of BehaviourTR: 11:30-12:45April 20th: 2-5Austen Smith
270Human Information ProcessingTR: 2:30-3:45April 27th: 2-5Tansi Summerfield
270Human Information ProcessingTR: 10:00-11:15April 22nd: 9-12Tom Phenix
305Statistics in PsychologyTR: 8:30-9:45April 27th: 9-12Donald Sharpe
310Child DevelopmentMW: 10:00-11:15April 21st: 9-12Jeff Loucks
321Forensic PsychologyTR: 4:00-5:15TBDTansi Summerfield
333Abnormal PsychologyTR: 1:00-2:15April 29th: 2-5Shadi Beshai
338Motivation and EmotionTR: 2:30-3:45April 27th: 2-5Katherine Arbuthnott
373Human ReasoningTR: 11:30-12:45April 20th: 2-5Christopher Oriet
374PsycholinguisticsMW: 1:00-2:15April 28th: 9-12Jeff Loucks
383Health PsychologyTR: 10:00-11:15April 22nd: 9-12Natasha Gallant
388ABPositive PsychologyM: 6:00-8:45April 26th: 7-10Susan Weir
388AFPsychology of EvilW: 2:30-5:15April 21st: 2-5Katherine Robinson
400ABHonours Thesis- Second HalfApril 19th: 7-10Laurie Sykes-Tottenham
455AAPsychoactive Drug Effects on Brain and BehaviourM: 7:00-9:45April 26th: 7-10Robert Brown
496BCPsychology of MindfulnessTR: 10:00-11:15April 22nd: 9-12Shadi Beshai
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