Fall 2021 Semester Survival Guide

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Are you new to University? Do you not know what anything anywhere means, and all your classes are online, and you feel incredibly disconnected and confused?

Have no fear, the PSA Survival Guide is here.

What kind of class is this?
“Remote Learning Delivery Spec” and “Remote Learning Web Spec” are confusing
Can I be on campus?
What is open? Where can I go?
Who can I ask for help?
Knowing who to talk to can seem impossible.

 “remote learning delivery spec” means that there are online lectures and meetings at specific times on zoom or other meeting software. “remove learning web special” means that the course doesn’t have specific times. lectures go up on the urcourses website.

they are often also referred to as “synchronous” (as in “everyone synchronizes” at one time on zoom) and “asynchronous” (as in they ignore synchronizing) classes