Ever Together

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Ever Together

The lovely Emily Camposano read this during one of our casual PSA Lounge nights, and I asked if it would be okay to reproduce it here on our blog!

Ever together

Connections. We connect together, a supportive system like branches on a tree. Or, better yet, like the trees in a forest that communicate through their roots. Sharing water and nutrients, communal alliances warning one another of droughts and diseases. Across species we see sentient beings protecting and valuing each other. All that lives develops a network, every aspect of nature is interconnected. If we look within ourselves, we are like the neurons in our brains, connected together, passing messages throughout an ever active system. Passing these messages throughout the body, and from the body back to the brain through the central nervous system. Each individual has this within themselves. And if we look outside ourselves, we are the same. A community, ever motivated, ever supportive, ever together.

– Emily K. Camposano


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