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Elected Positions Currently Empty for By-election:

Chief Financial Officer – Details-oriented, Proactive, Organized

Position duties:  

  • Strategy and resources-focused. Searching out opportunities and an attention to detail are key. This position can require up to 5 hours a week, depending on the time of year and the projects in process. 
  • Is a bank account signing authority.  
  • In charge of maintaining the budget, reimbursing board members, and presenting the balance sheet at meetings and when needed. 
  • Researches and applies for grants for funding for the PSA to utilize for training, support, and programming. 
  • Requires a proactive, creative, and detailed person who finishes what they start. An interest in research or grant application processes are a bonus! 

Application Requirements

All Board members are expected to attend PSA meetings, submit their semester schedule to the Executive Administrator, and attend Board Orientation ahead of the 2021-2022 Academic Year, in addition to their position duties. 

  • The candidate must be a student attending the University of Regina.
  • The candidate must be enrolled in at least three credit hours in psychology, or they must have declared a psychology program of study for the year in which they are joining the election.
  • Campaigning can begin June 24th if the candidate chooses to do so, but applications are open until June 28th to allow for maximum flexibility.
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