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The PSA elections have a brand new process to go with our recently re-written constitution! Our board is made up of 6 executive positions and 7 general positions. The students in these positions work to make sure that the PSA is serving our mission and values, and collaborates with committees and our general membership to create the best possible campus community for those in Psychology, and beyond.

Elections for the 2021-2022 academic year will be held March 82th.

Executive Positions

Chief Financial Officer details-oriented, proactive, organized
Director of Communications Creative, responsive, teamwork focused
Director of Outreach resourceful, social, solutions-focused
Executive Administrator analysis, documentation, planning
President leadership, accountability, vision
Vice President community-minded, approachable, action-oriented

List of duties and responsibilities

Vice President – 5 – 10 hours a week 

    1. Second in command
    2. The face of the Social aspect of the org — Advocate and touchpoint for students
    3. Chairs Execs/All-hands meetings if Pres isn’t available/take responsibility as needed
    4. If the President isn’t available for consultation this person is next in line 
    5. Primarily in control of events/outreach 
      1. Plans schedule of social-oriented events, oversees and guides the Outreach Teams
      2. The head and main developer of the P2P program
        1. In charge of starting, maintaining and finishing each semester’s implementation of the P2P program 
        2. Chairs the mentee/mentor matching committee 
    6. Signing ability on bank account 
    7. Brings concerns and conflicts to the President 

Board Positions

Academic Coordinator supportive, knowledgable, resourceful
Communications Coordinators creative, flexible, perpetually online

List of responsibilities and duties 

Two positions are available.

Junior Representatives passionate, jack-of-all-trades, eager to learn

Position responsibilities and duties

Two positions are available.

Outreach Coordinators connecting, events-focused, community minded

Position responsibilities and duties

Two positions are available.


Committee positions for general members will be advertised soon. 🙂